Because this format works! I want to really understand where you are at right now, and to work with you to find goals that inspire, challenge and motivate you. I want to enable you to TRANSFORM your life in a permanent way. Just as I transformed mine.


A series of either 6 or 12 sessions allows us to do this. Because it gives us the space and time to build a powerful connection, to go deep in order to find out what is holding you back, and to start practicing alternative patterns of thought and behaviour (break negative habits).

Both coaching sessions and consults last for one hour. If you have signed up for a series, these take place once every two weeks and I am available via email, text and whatsapp at any point in between to support, inspire, motivate and celebrate you, as you journey towards achieving your goals.



Both coaching sessions and consults last for one hour. If you have signed up for a series, these take place once every two weeks and I am available via email, text and whatsapp at any point in between to support, inspire, motivate and celebrate you, as you journey towards achieving your goals.

Yay! I am so happy that you would like to go ahead with some coaching and look forward to hearing all about your goals.


Please check your email for the pre-consult questionnaire, press submit, and when I have received it, I will be in touch to set up your complimentary, 30-minute discovery session which will take place either on the phone or via skype.


No need to overthink your answers (it’s not a test!), just answer as openly and honestly as you can. Your replies will form the basis for our discovery session and a platform from which we can start to plan our journey towards your goals, your happiness and fulfilling your potential!


I'm really looking forward to hearing from you. And in case you were wondering, all the information you disclose is fully confidential, will only be seen by me, and shared with no-one else.

You've come to the right place if you are ready to...

  • Speak your truth more boldly (even if your voice shakes).

  • Be more authentic in your life, relationships and work (letting go of the judgments and expectations of others).

  • Develop boundaries that allow your relationships to flourish (It’s seriously time to stop living from obligation and disappearing in your own life. You’re ready to show up and be seen as the real you).

  • Be free to play, have fun, make mistakes and be your quirky self; no longer living by the rules. 

  • Untangle the web of old programming and generational patterns that keep you from your highest potential.

  • Be more connected to yourself, to spirit and to your community; no longer hiding pieces of yourself from others or yourself.

  • Step fully into your Soul’s Calling with curiosity, diligence, openness and BRAVERY. (And a plan. Definitely a plan).

  • Claim your worth, know your worth, and call in a life aligned with your worth.


If you found yourself nodding yes and your heart expanding, it's simple: You’re here because you're not as AWAKE + ALIVE as you want to be. Years of “programming” are holding you back from becoming the woman and the leader you are at your core... and you're not backing down anytime soon.  You're being pulled by something bigger and your only real option is to lean in. 

Through my mentorship and coaching I help women SEE their worth and DO something about it. Around here, I call this, “Coming Alive,” which is just a fun way of saying that by tuning in and claiming your worth, you'll finally liberate yourself from shame and step into the life of freedom you've been longing for. 

Coaching Session

This is a single session where we focus on one area of your life, a specific challenge you want to work on, or  a specific issue that has come up for you. You arrive with a question, and leave with clarity.This powerful session is right for you if you are weighing  options, trying to make a decision and want to move into action.This session is designed to provide you with insightful guidance, a calm and professional listening ear and give you a motivational boost.

This session includes;

  • A thought-provoking pre-coaching questionnaire, designed to help identify what you truly want and need from your coaching experience.

  • 1 x 90-minute session, PLUS 1 x 30-minute follow-up session after 2 weeks via Skype / phone.

  • Email support for 2 weeks after our session.

  • Your investment: $100 usd– (paid in full upfront).

  • Payment via direct bank transfer, or PayPal.

Coaching Consultation

My free 30 minute consultation will put you at ease.  Let's chat + see if coaching is right for you. Prior to our complimentary consultation, I ask you to complete the pre-questionnaire, which asks you to think deeply about what you are missing in life, what excites you and what you would like to achieve.  Completing this pre-questionnaire helps you get the most out of our complimentary consultation.  The pre-questionnaire also helps us both ensure that if we progress to a coaching series, the sessions meet your needs.

Coaching Series

A coaching series is right for you if want to spend some time diving deep to really identify your vision for your future and what brings you joy.

This coaching series  looks at your whole life, helping you examine all aspects of your life to ensure you live your life wholeheartedly and authentically.  It’s all about living a full life that you LOVE.

In session one we will set some inspiring goals which I’ll support you to work toward over the series.

You’ll have me by your side keeping you in action and cheering you on throughout the duration of your series.

3 Months

This series includes;

  • A deeply thought-provoking pre-coaching questionnaire, designed to help get to know you better and know what you truly want and need from your coaching experience.

  • A 30-minute complimentary consult which allows you to see whether we are a good match to work together and allows you to ask any questions you may have.

  • 1 x 90-minute session, plus 5 x 60-minute sessions, held bi-weekly via Skype/Phone.

  • Email support for the duration of our series.

  • Resources, worksheets and tools as required during our series.

  • Your investment:  $400 usd– (paid in full upfront, or 50% before session 1 and the remaining 50% paid before session 4).

  • Payment via direct bank transfer, or PayPal.

6 months

This series  includes:

  • Receiving a pre-coaching Discovery Workbook.

  • 1 x 90 min Intention Session where the focus is all about getting to know you, understanding what makes you tick and setting intentions for our 6 month journey together.

  • 11 x 45 min Transformation Sessions — We will meet bi-weekly to dive deep, create new stories, transform pain to power, and remove blocks keeping you from living a life you love.  

  • 6 Months of Email Support as needed.

  • Personalized Support Videos as needed.

  • Full notes with action steps, journaling prompts, and recommended materials after each session.

  • Plus special gifts I handpick and first dibs on my invite-only inner-circle retreats.

  • INVESTMENT: $4497 USD (payment plans available).


Coaching Virtual Group | Masterclass

Coaching Page

Feminine Garden

What to expect in this sisterhood experience:

  • Create clarity from day 1 with soul-filled, values aligned group goals.

  • Move through internal resistance, shame and old programming keeping you from the life you desire.

  • Set yourself free from fear of judgment, expectations and perfectionism by being "seen" and supported in the group. 

  • Teach practical tools while offering a sacred space for the messy process of self-discovery, unraveling and integration. (A shame-free zone where you'll be stretched and called to your highest, but never judged).

  • Learn how to set boundaries, allowing you to live from overflow, trust yourself and live from true worth instead of obligation.

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