Hello! My name is Amanda Johnson and I’m an Anointed Speaker, Influential Writer, and Transformation Life Coach. My down-to-earth, friendly personality combined with spiritual maturity and demonstrated gifts is what makes me unique. I guide and inspire people to live more fulfilled, happy and purposeful lives that portray who they are, what they think, and what they want to achieve. I enjoy witnessing people taking their power back, believing in themselves and creating an authentic life that they love. In that state, all things are possible!

"When you love you, others will love you too! Life is but a mirror reflecting how we feel about ourselves."


- Amanda


I was continuously encouraged by Amanda to grow from within and grow to be more in tune with my femininity. I first came to Amanda seeking guidance and support for Spiritual and Emotional reasons,but I got so much more. Amanda and I clicked right from the start because she saw so much potential in me, which I did not see in myself. Many times in the coaching she would ask me to self-reflect and own my part of the issue because that is truly the first step in changing. The “homework” she and I discussed was very often a challenge, however once I opened my eyes to the lens she had, I opened up to being more feminine, opening my heart space, and I was able to see transformation take place within myself and my relationships.

Stephanie C.

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