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Inspired by our inherent want (and need) to lead happy and fruitful lives, the "Feminine Garden" is a sisterhood group that caters to the modern woman struggling to juggle it all with grace and gratitude. Featuring tailored content that focuses on all things having to do with love, femininity and personal transformation, the  private group offers tips and tidbits of advice for ladies who are in need of inspiration to alter their way of living or motivation to stay strong during the pursuit of happiness.

What to expect in this sisterhood experience:

  • Create clarity from day 1 with soul-filled, values aligned group goals.

  • Move through internal resistance, shame and old programming keeping you from the life you desire.

  • Set yourself free from fear of judgment, expectations and perfectionism by being "seen" and supported in the group. 

  • Teach practical tools while offering a sacred space for the messy process of self-discovery, unraveling and integration. (A shame-free zone where you'll be stretched and called to your highest, but never judged).

  • Learn how to set boundaries, allowing you to live from overflow, trust yourself and live from true worth instead of obligation.

Personally administrated and cultivated by me, this *new* sisterhood  is my pride and joy. Having been through countless challenges and experiences that have lead me to discover my true calling, I now take pleasure in helping other women makes plans and then follow through with them.


Whether you're wanting to reveal your femininity, explore your spirituality or unleash your sexuality, you'll delve into all you need to know here in the Feminine Garden.


Learn from my life's lessons so you don't have to! To join this private group "subscribe" below to my mailing list. 


See you on the inside!


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