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My Story

My parents told me it was prophesied over my life, at the age of four, that I would be a mender of broken hearts. At that time, none of us knew the journey I would have to go through for that prophesy to be fulfilled. I had a happy childhood but was faced with many emotional challenges in my early-adult, married life that eventually led to depression and a series of unfortunate events that changed my outlook on life & love from positive to negative.


I know what it is to feel hopeless, unfulfilled and frustrated. I know what it feels like to want to give up and having no one to share my feelings with but God. I was consumed with disappointment, not knowing at the time, that losing it had to happen in order to gain it all.


Because of an early Christian upbringing, I have always believed in God to make a way for me and order my steps. When all hope seemed lost, I was at a place where I was asked to surrender my will that Gods will be done in my life. It was there that I begin what I call the "Self Love Journey" led by the Holy Spirit, it was all about me.


On my "Self-Love Journey", the most important thing was learning who I am, learning to love and accept myself as I am, and reprogramming my mind to unlearn and relearn all that I knew about relating to myself and others. LIFE CHANGING!  My mind started to repeat this affirmation often "When you love YOU, others will love you too!" I begin to think positive again and understood that my past experiences did not dictate who I am or my destiny. I accepted that I cannot change the events that occurred but I do have the power to create and impact, in the present, my future.






Over the years, the relentless pursuits of my God-given purpose and dreams, despite the odds, have restored me and inspired others who crossed my path. Now, I am humbled to use my collection of real-life lessons to motivate individuals by teaching them to apply practical faith-based and universal spiritual principles, they go hand in hand. My kingdom assignment is to walk people through on how to live a renewed life. With my extraordinary ability to inspire, engage and unlock potentials, it reignites the authenticity in the life of individuals. My philosophy of the "Self Love Journey" is the constant theme that has helped me overcome every test I have faced in life and I share these principles in my coaching practice. I help others to overcome through mentoring, spiritual guidance and through honest, confidential, and respectful communication.

I am doing what  I love to do and I am who God destined me to be, just for you! I am eager to start working with you! Read the testimonials of others who have worked with me and schedule a coaching consultation to begin your own self love journey!

"Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better"

- Maya Angelo




Amanda is a very loving and caring person. She gives great coaching advice and inspires me to be a better me. I found her to be honest and trustworthy and more importantly, she has a pure heart.

Eboney D.

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